Strange people walking through the bits

babbo First of all, my sponsor, good ole dad

Francis My wife is trying to develope a homepage. If I don't link it she kills me... The lovely Francis

Enrico Questions about software? Ask to Enrico, the wizard of Windows

O' Vesuvio The Voice of the South. The Unbelievable O' Vesuvio

Luh Hardware is a problem for you? Sure not for him. Luciano the one-man-gang

la treccia dell'Adriatico The radical political magazine of a crazy man. The long-haired Trecciolò

umoral Alberto Finally, the only place where each link has only its URL name: Alberto's home.

Vincenzo Problems with your health? You are looking for Vincenzo, the techno-shaman

Girgio The green page of the president. Girgio, the President

mr. Wells The Mistic page of Quelo. The world of Mr. Wells

Maurizio The most professional of the group: Maurizio, the consultant

Alex No words for him. Good ol' uncle ALEX

Renolto The shark (that is, the barrister): Mr. Ronco

Marciano The EggHead from Princeton. The Great Marciano

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