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First of all, my best links.

Dreamer's Den Role Playing Games. Retailer of role playing games with the largest selection of imagination games on the net.

The MUD connector.The best MUD link place on the net.

The complete guide to unlawful carnal knowldedge for fantasy roleplaying games. Some good ideas and rules for introducing fun & sex in your fantasy adventures. Great!

De Web Mysteriis. The best place for H.P. Lovecraft's fans, and players of Call of Cthulhu ( © Chaosium).

The NEXUS games place. Good games and magazines strictly in Italian.

La Miniera d'argento. A very nice collection of adventures strictly in Italian. Of course, they also have published some of mine...

Cattivelli OnLine. A site of usefule links. Not only games, not only RPG, but also movies, books, and strange places. Try and enjoy...

The homepage of Agonistika, one of the most important italian games associations (they organize the italian tournament of Risiko, D&D, Magic,...)

And now my adventures.

Following comments are in Italian, because downloadable free adventures are in Italian... sorry for english speaking people.
Le avventure allegate (per D&D © EG) possono venire scaricate gratis et amore dei. Se vi piacciono, speditemene una delle vostre.

Il regno perduto di Antinea.
Mostri e belle donne in mezzo al deserto.

L'aquila rampante.
Un giallo che si trasforma in una ricerca di antichi miti.

Il cardinale.
Background per una partita di roleplaying dal vivo giocata a Gradara nel 1994.

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