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Don't read these links if you don't like chaos and fuzzy logic. Everything here is really fuzzy . You can find references to hardware, software, fuzzy logic, telemedicine and much more. There is not any clear order... like in my mind.

FUZZY LOGIC. We were speaking about fuzzy. You can find a very nice fuzzy tool developed by M.I.T. gmbh at their homepage. Their software is OK and they organize each year a congress about fuzzy in the little and beatiful Aachen, in Germany.

SHORT TIME FOURIER TRANSFORM. I've used fuzzy for the elaboration of noise data collected from electrical motors. For the measurements of transient of noise power, I've used the Short Time Fourier transform. A very clear document about STFT can be found in the site of the Berkley University

C++ AND MUCH MORE. When you have some softtware trouble, it is very probable that you can find the solution looking in the codeguru site .

VISUAL BASIC. Interesting links and suggestions can be found at the HAL Visual Basic Internet Site Directory and at the Visual Basic links page.

COMPRESSION. If you need a useful compression ActiveX control (OCX VBX VCL DLL) you can look at Inner Media Inc. I've used it. It seems to work OK.

AETHRA SDV8000. If you need help and information about Aethra SDV800 (better known as Itaca), you can look at Roberto Recanatini's Itaca help Page. You'll find everything you can need.

DICOM. Are you involved in any terrible telemedicine project requiring Dicom? First, look at RSNA homepage, then download the software Osiris, and these dicom images

HL7. I don't like this medical databse standard, however, if you are so unlucky that you need to know something about it, you can look here.

RTF. Speaking about more interesting standard, this is the place were you can find some RTF specifications and a sample reading application

SINCLAIR. Last, but not least. Do you remember Spectrum? Here it is possible to download a good emulator and, if you want, you cant try some old games produced many years ago by Franz, Fox, Balthasar & BobFog.

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